The Laptop Cart Takeover

Do you have one or more of these guys rolling about your school?


If you’re a public school in this district, it’s likely that you do. Since SFUSD created its Digital District Plan the quantity of tech devices in our schools has increased significantly. Access to digital devices such as laptops, iPads, and chrome books for students is wonderful for those who are advancing students into the 20th century norms for technology use, but for our utility reduction program it serves as one of the many barriers hindering our schools from reaching their 5% reduction goals. Alas, don’t fret Shared Savings Schools! We have found ways around these tech devices that could possibly offset the increase in electricity use created by them.

If your school has these carts contact a Conservation Manager at with the info below:

  1. Make and model of the cart (written on the nameplate of the device)
  2. Take a picture of this and email it to the Conserve Team
  3. We will follow up with info on the cart and whether it has ECO-settings for charging or if we’d suggest a plug load timer for the device

Example of nameplate info:


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