Shared Savings Launches!

Hello Staff and Administrators!

It’s the beginning of the school year and the perfect time to sign up for Shared Savings! Most of your systems have been turned off for the summer and you can view that in two ways.


1. You want them back on ASAP because your classrooms are too cold or too hot OR

2. You don’t mind because it will save your school on it’s utility costs.

Either way, the Shared Savings Team is here to help. But we can’t help you get your systems running again nor can we track your utility usage if you don’t sign up for the program!!

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If you’re a new School to the program, Shared Savings is an incentive based utility reduction program that has been voluntarily implemented across the district since 2009 and have reached up to 50 schools! Those who sign up and reduce their utility usage (natural gas and electricity) by 5% get to keep 50% of their savings spend however they would like! It’s very easy, all you do is:

  1. SIGN UP: Champion and Principal sign the pledge (your principal has already signed up, now it’s your turn!!) Champion’s receive a $500 stipend. CHAMPION link. PRINCIPAL link
  2. SAVE ENERGY: You and a Conservation Manager from the district create an action plan for the year containing three utility reduction goals you’d like to work together on achieving.
  3. SCORE THE SAVINGS: The SFUSD Sustainability Office will begin tracking your utility usage and helping you to reduce to score the cost savings! 


Returning Champions and Principals! Don’t forget to sign the pledges again for the 2016-2017 School Year to get your piece of the savings again this year! 

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