Shared Savings Timeline

Wondering how Shared Savings should look at your school? Here is program timeline of what to be aware of relating to your school’s utilities! 


Sign Up!

Principals and Champions sign their pledges

  • Principals who sign the Pledge agree to establish and support a Shared Savings Champion and Team at their school.
  • These Pledges must be completed before the Shared Savings program can be rolled out.
  • Its never too late to sign up! If you’re interested in signing up email a Conservation Manager at


Identify Goals

NEW SCHOOL? Schedule an Audit

  • Work with the Conservation Manager to schedule an audit and create a plan to identify opportunities for conservation in electricity and natural gas.

RETURNING SCHOOL? Schedule a Check In

  • Work with the Conservation Manager to schedule a Check-in to review updates to yours school’s heating and lighting systems as well as establish new goals for the participating year.


Raise awareness

Establish your Bulletin Board

  • All Champions are responsible for identifying and maintaining a Shared Savings bulletin board at their school site. This is a great way to catch people’s attention. Post your Shared Savings Progress Reports, pictures, stickers and more to garner support for Shared Savings at your school.
  • More detailed information is available in the “Resources” section.

Check out the Shared Savings Website

  • You’ve made it here!
  • The Shared Savings website has a comprehensive Resource Library with kits, ideas, examples, and tools as well as links to curricular and professional development resources.
  • The website also provides access to the utility data for most schools in the district! (See Data tab on home page).

Begin your Green Minute Updates

  • The Green Minute is the Champions opportunity to provide an update at every monthly staff meeting about the Shared Saving’s program at their site.
  • Topics of interest could include: Sharing the Progress Reports for your school’s data, Relaying an update from the Sustainability Office, or reminding school staff of the utility reduction goals they are working toward! (5% reduction!!!)



Warm Season

Save on Natural Gas!

  • This is an optimal time for school’s to save energy since San Francisco’s Indian Summer should be in full swing.
  • Talk with teachers to see if radiators are being left on during the day or overnight unnecessarily
  • If you have no control over your radiator’s temperature notify a Conservation Manager at


Holiday Shutdown

Shut’er Down!

  • Let your school rest while you’re on break. Notify teachers to turn off all thermostats, radiators and lights, unplug appliances, and close all windows and doors to make sure your school doesn’t consume any energy over break.


Raise awareness, round 2


  • The Sustainability Office is working very hard to make sure your school receives their previous year’s savings by the following January. So that means, if you were a participating school the year prior to this current year, you should receive your savings by this month.
  • A fun way to pump up your staff and hype up Shared Savings is to have a brainstorm on how the school could spend their savings money.
  • Once you’ve identified the projects you’re working toward it makes saving energy that much easier!


Plug loads


  • Schools are home to many appliances, such as computers, projectors, science equipment, kitchen equipment, vending machines, and more! Reduce your electrical load by unplugging items when they are not in use.



Reverse the drought

  • We are all aware of California’s serious drought conditions and there are many steps to take to reduce water consumption. Reporting water leaks, performing a Water Audit, and making smarter choices at the tap can all helps save water and reduce utility bills at your school.


Spring Break Shutdown

  • Spring into action to make sure your school’s bills are chocolate goose eggs during break.


Summer Shutdown

  • Get ready for summer! Unplug and store all electric appliances and makes sure your heater valves are closed tight! Make sure your colleagues do the same.