Bulletin Board

A Bulletin Board is a great way to raise awareness at your school and get more teachers and students involved.  Try to identify a location at your school that is well-trafficked, central, and public.  This should be an area where a staple/tape/thumbtacked display can be set up, ideally near the administrative offices, front lobby, or main hallway.

The main purpose of the bulletin board is to showcase your Progress Report, which is a document that displays how your school is performing in natural gas, electricity and water consumption against it’s baseline. Champions will be able to download and print Progress Reports from the Shared Savings website starting in November

What Other Schools Have Done: 

Fairmount Elementary:


Clarendon Elementary:

Shared Savings Progress Report (Clarendon)

Bryant Elementary:


If you are a returning school the Shared Savings Team will provide you with a 2015-2016 year summary during our scheduled check-in at the start of the year. If you are a new school your first utility progress report should be available in November 2016.

Optional ideas to fill the Display:

  • Success Story:
    Include a picture and write a brief (1-2 paragraph) story highlighting an impressive savings achievement for that month.  The Success Story can also focus on a star individual who is doing a great job of making savings for your school.  Have a large envelope on the Display to collect nominations for an ‘Energy Star of the Month’.
  • Pictures:
    Drawings or photos of utility savings in action.  These drawings or photos can be submitted to you by anyone in the school community.  Hold a monthly contest for best picture/drawing and post the winner’s submission on the Display!
  • Large Calendar:
    Indicate the when and where of your monthly Shared Savings meetings so that they are open to all who want to join.