While the Schools were away the Elves did play

And by elves we mean Nate and Darya in the Sustainability Office. This winter break as you sipped hot cocoa by the fire and enjoyed some relaxing time away, the Conserve Elves entered your schools to perform some energy efficiency commissioning in hopes of saving energy! Unfortunately, the elves did not have access to Santa’s Sleigh and […]

A Series of Unfortunate (Thanksgiving Break) Events: Part 1

Short Story 1: The Perturbing Plug Loads By: SFUSD Conserve Team If you are interested in a happy and pleasant Thanksgiving tale, this is NOT the story for you. This series is about the events at Transylvania Elementary School and the terrible and horrible things that happened over Thanksgiving break. Ms. Templeton at Transylvania Elementary […]

The Laptop Cart Takeover

Do you have one or more of these guys rolling about your school? If you’re a public school in this district, it’s likely that you do. Since SFUSD created its Digital District Plan the quantity of tech devices in our schools has increased significantly. Access to digital devices such as laptops, iPads, and chrome books for students is wonderful for those […]

New School Feature: Francis Scott Key

New School Audit! We’re only a few weeks into the beginning of the school year and we already have 5 new schools participating in the Shared Savings Program!! Shout out to Francis Scott Key Elementary School in the Sunset district for pledging so early. Our Conservation Managers were able to meet with FSK’s amazing Champion, […]

Shared Savings Launches!

Hello Staff and Administrators! It’s the beginning of the school year and the perfect time to sign up for Shared Savings! Most of your systems have been turned off for the summer and you can view that in two ways. Either.. 1. You want them back on ASAP because your classrooms are too cold or […]