What is Shared Savings?

The Shared Savings program is an incentive based utility reduction program created by the SFUSD Sustainability Office in 2012. The way it works is we calculate a baseline for each school that represents their average utility consumption.  Schools that can reduce their utility use (Natural Gas and Electricity) by 5% or more compared to their baseline are rewarded with 50% of those savings to use however they wish at their school.  For example, if Green School Saves $6,000 on their utility costs for that participating year they will receive $3,000 in return to pay for supplies, school programs, or whatever else the school desires!  The chart below shows some of the rewards generated by active Shared Savings schools during the 2014-2015 school year.

2014-15 Rewards from Shared Savings


Big Picture Goals

The obvious benefits: Saving energy helps the environment and reducing utility bills can free up funds for other school necessities and programs.

We live in a city that intends to be powered by 100% renewable energy in the coming years.  A huge element to reaching that goal is reducing our current energy use through efficiency.

The Shared Savings Program not only provides the incentive for implementing more energy efficient behaviors in our schools but the tools and support in order to make it happen.

By working with a Conservation Manager from the school district to learn more about the heating, air and water systems at your school it can create opportunities to collaborate and save money. A staff member will work along side the Conservation Manager to design a plan of action to decrease electricity, natural gas and water use as well as help educate a generation of energy conscious citizens within the school. In the age of climate change, that is an extremely valuable outcome.

Who is involved?

Schools that are interested in participating need to sign a Principal’s and Champion pledge to be enrolled in the program. The Champion is a staff member at the school that is interested in being the liaison between their school site and the SFUSD Sustainability Office. The pledge details the Champion’s responsibilities as well as the school’s commitment to the program. Once enrolled, Champions work with one of the district’s Conservation Manager on identifying 3 simple ways their school can save.

  • Champion at Francis Scott Key Elementary School meeting with Conservation Manager

School Champion Responsibilities:




  • Partner with a Conservation Manager from the SFUSD Sustainability Office to identify opportunities for saving energy
  • Create a Shared Savings Goals Document detailing specific tasks in order to achieve 5% savings

Raise Awareness:

  • Present the school’s utility data at staff meetings
  • Maintain a Shared Savings Bulletin Board

Reduce Consumption:

  • Execute the specific tasks on the Shared Savings Goals Document
  • Empower students and staff at the school to conserve energy

How does my school get started?

Signing up for the program is easy and simple. If you are a staff member or Principal and are just interested in more info you can email Conserve@sfusd.edu. If you want to sign up click these links to sign the pledges! (Champion’s pledge) (Principal’s Pledge)