A Series of Unfortunate (Thanksgiving Break) Events: Part 1

Short Story 1: The Perturbing Plug Loads

By: SFUSD Conserve Team

If you are interested in a happy and pleasant Thanksgiving tale, this is NOT the story for you. This series is about the events at Transylvania Elementary School and the terrible and horrible things that happened over Thanksgiving break. Ms. Templeton at Transylvania Elementary School was an outstanding, intelligent, hardworking teacher. The same could be said about her students, all marvelous, brilliant, and remarkable in every way. Which is why it was so odd that this awful thing happened!!! It was November 22nd, and just like any other Tuesday afternoon the students were gleefully packing their bags in preparation for five amazing days of Thanksgiving break. Ms. Templeton jotted off her regular end-of-the day announcements to the class “don’t forget to tuck your chairs in and clear your desks of any food! We don’t want any pesky rats or mice waiting for us when we return!”, the students let out a combination of shrieks and giggles, but little did they know, there were appliances lurking on the counters and in the corners of their classroom awaiting their own version of a Thanksgiving party. As soon as the clock struck 2:40 pm, the bell rang and the students piled out of the classroom. Ms. Templeton had a bit of time to clean up her classroom so she decided to organize her desk and respond to some final emails, but she was also eager to leave school. Her family’s flight to Arizona was leaving at 7pm that evening and she hadn’t packed yet! There was no time to shut down her classroom computers or unplug her elmo projector to save electricity. So she quickly finished her emails, grabbed her bags and scurried out of the room in a hurry. It was 6pm, only a few hours after the students and Ms. Templeton had left, when vampires started to wake. But these are no ordinary vampires, these were Energy Vampires! Instead of sharp, pointed teeth which they used to suck blood, these vampires had cold, metal plugs which they used to suck electricity. And since Ms. Templeton forgot to turn off her power strips and unplug her appliances the vampires has all Thanksgiving break to party! Carl the computer was the first to wake up. His monitor began to light up, and a browser opened. Youtube came onto the screen, and gradually the song, “let’s get it started” by the Black Eyed Peas began playing louder and louder through the speakers. One by one the other Energy Vampires began to wake. You could hear Mike the Microwave, turn on and begin heating up the snacks! “Who wants pepperoni?!” he bellowed. Lewis the classroom lamp clicked on and bumped Mike on the head, “you idiot, we don’t eat food, we consume electricity for energy!!”. “Oh yea”, Mike grunted, as he clicked his heating mode off. Only an hour had passed and the party was in full swing. All of the vampires were plugged in and sucking electricity by the kilowatt. The more energy they used, the more money it was costing Transylvania Elementary School, and there was nothing the students or Ms. Templeton could do about it! I warned you didn’t I? I told you this was not going to be one of those stories where everyone lives happily ever after, or where the superhero comes to save the day. This is a story of unfortunate events. And nothing is more unfortunate than an energy vampire takeover in your classroom. And the worst part, is that when all of the students and all of the teachers at Transylvania Elementary School return to their classrooms, they will never know that this happened. All of the vampires, their bellies full of electricity, will have climbed back onto their counters and crawled back into their corners until their next feast! Which was right around the corner. Can you guess which school break comes after Thanksgiving? I bet you can, and I know what you’re thinking–THAT VACATION IS EVEN LONGER!!!!

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